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Our Catholic Identity & Parish

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School is an educational community where opportunities are provided for all members to share, celebrate and grow in faith. Evident in the close links between parish and school is a shared commitment to the Catholic identity of the school and the evangelising mission of the Church.

As a Catholic school, the Good News of Jesus is central to our lives. Working together with our parents and parish priest, we aim to give children a sound understanding of the Gospel values of love, care, respect and justice. Emphasis is placed on the importance of living out these values in daily interpersonal interactions at schools, in our families and in the wider community.

Students are encouraged to perpetuate the Josephite and Franciscan charisms of the school’s founding religious orders. Central to this is the Franciscan call to environmental stewardship of the planet and the MacKillop commitment to meeting the needs of the disadvantaged. The school’s commitment to its traditional charisms is evident in its policies, social justice programs and in the prayer life of the community.


At St Patrick's, we are committed to 'Educating with a Mission Lens' – a 3 year program where the impact will be lasting in responding to how we can reach our full potential; that is, how we can be more like Jesus. Through this program, we are able to articulate the everyday mission of what we do.

It is important in the busy life of school that we take time to dialogue with each other in how we can see Jesus in other people and how we can encourage thinking, language, behaviours and leadership to respond as He would in different situations.

One important movement we have started is our 'Mission Wall'. Each month, anyone who witnesses a display of a kind act, encouragement, friendship or care for our school environment, is able to vote for that child/adult. A monthly Mission Star Award is presented to the person receiving the most votes and is displayed with voters' reasons on public display. Other children/adults are also acknowledged for their display of mission. We have had students, teachers and parents nominated for this award.

Each year, our staff also collectively choose a mission act to partake in. We are proud to have:

  • Donated groceries to make a hamper for a struggling family in our community;
  • Contributed female sanitary products for women in need at a local women’s refuge;
  • Packaged over 50 bags of toiletries, lollies and warm socks for people with disabilities in group homes in the southern highlands and the Macarthur area; and
  • Participated in Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea in order to raise funds for a family at our school.


Our school is part of the St Patrick's Catholic Parish community.

There are many aspects of parish life in which students, staff and families may become involved. All members of our parish school community are actively encouraged to be part of parish and church life. 

School prayer, liturgies and Masses are an important and enriching aspect of life at St Patrick's. Students are afforded regular opportunities to engage in relevant experiences of school and class prayer, liturgical celebrations and sacramental programs aimed at nurturing and strengthening faith.

Sacramental programs are parish-based at St Patrick's. These celebrations provide an opportunity to celebrate students' life of faith with fellow parishioners. The parish provides programs of preparation for the Sacraments of Penance (Reconciliation) and Eucharist (First Communion) for students in Year 3; and Confirmation for students in Year 6. The school-based Religious Education curriculum supports and enriches this program of preparation. Read more about the sacramental programs here.

Participation in weekend Mass is also actively encouraged. View the Parish Mass Times here.

For more information, contact the St Patrick's Parish on (02) 4274 1192.